Minecraft Bastion

All You Need To Know About Minecraft Bastion

Have you checked the Nether after the latest update? If yes, then have you might have you checked Minecraft Bastian Remnants? These are the mysterious big castle structures made of the variables like Blackstone and Basalt.

But, if you want to know Minecraft Bastian—different types, raids, and more read this blog and after having full knowledge, become a pro player like never before. 

Minecraft Bastian

Keeping in mind those people who love creating worlds and play online video games to complete that fantasy, Minecraft Bastian game is created. Moreover, Minecraft is famous for three-dimensional games.

Minecraft Bastion

Furthermore, Bastian is one of the deadly buildings added as per the latest update.  These are big, castle-shaped structures. The area is scary, and you can find lava and evil animals here. The specialty of this Remnant is that it is home to some of the best loot. 

Types Of Minecraft Bastian

Now is the time to discuss the types of Minecraft Bastian. Let’s have a look at these four unique types and how they are different from each other.

Treasure Room

The most beneficial area of this game is none other than the treasure room. You know what, as per the name, you can find maximum gold cubes and various treasure chests here. It can be considered as the area best suitable for loot.

Treasure Room

However, on the lowermost level, you will come across a cube fish.

Hoglin Stable

If you are a player of Bastian for a long time, you can notice Piglins and Hoglins here, who are unfavorable to each other.

Hoglin Stable

Now, you must be thinking about Hoglins, these are barbarous animals who lay free in the forest of Crimson.  When players explore this particular variant of the structure, they notice that it is a three-rows rampart, with the destroyed hoglin stables on each of the two sides.

Housing Units

The housing units comprise various ruined two-part ramparts that are organized around a small central courtyard.

Housing Unit

Moreover, in this area, you will find blocks of gold and a number of Piglins.


The last thing you will find in the Nether region is none other than bridges. The striking features of bridges make them different from others.


These look like an entrance of the destroyed area with a piglin head engraved into them. This type of Bastion has the lowest quantity of gold. As expressed above, Bastion Remnants adapts a plethora of different structures.

Where To Raid Minecraft Bastion?

Bastion leftovers are advantageous, but only when gamers are able to raid what they actually want. Following are the ways through which you can raid a bastion leftover:

Explore outer buildings such as:

  • Kill the Piglins
  • Loot the chests
  • Mine block of gold
  • If you fall into the lava, drink a Fire Resistance Potion 
  • Destroy Magma Cube Spawner
  • Try to escape the bastion

The above-mentioned ways will definitely help you in achieving more and more treasure and will definitely benefit you. Congratulations, in advance, on your success. 

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Bastian Remnant is a way through which a game player can explore his fantasy in a three-dimensional world of structures. Do not wait, download the game now. 


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