How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft

How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft

Today, Minecraftcoder will talk about one of the most fascinating creatures in the game – Pandas! There are two ways to tame them:

1. Tame adult Pandas – These big boys are hard to tame.

2. Tame Baby Pandas – these little guys are rare and hard to spot. So, option two isn’t exactly a cakewalk either.

1. Tame Baby Panda’s

Now, can you tame a panda? The answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as just giving it some food like you would with a horse or a dog. To tame a panda, you first need to find a baby panda as they’re easier to tame than adult pandas. Baby pandas are much smaller than adult pandas and have a higher pitch when they make sounds.

2. Where to Find Pandas?

Baby pandas are rare to find so adults are your target!

Step 1 – Find Adult Pandas

Adult pandas often gather in groups in bamboo jungle biomes and are easy to be found.

Step 2 – Get Bamboo Blocks

Bamboo blocks serve as the key element for “taming” pandas. Collect an ample supply while exploring bamboo jungle biomes.

Step 3- Build an Enclosure for a Panda

Construct walls or fences to contain the panda within an enclosure since they roam freely. This step is essential if you want to keep a panda as a pet.

3. Breeding of Pandas in Minecraft

Once you find pandas, you will need to have a baby panda:

To encourage breeding, feed adult pandas with at least eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius. This setup creates a comfortable environment for pandas to enter “love mode,” which would lead to the birth of adorable panda babies.

Breeding of Pandas in Minecraft

4. Command your Panda

Tamed pandas have a few different behaviors than wild pandas. They’ll follow you around, and you can even put them on a lead and take them for a walk. You can also tell your panda to sit or stand, and it will obey your commands.

Tamed pandas will also help defend you against hostile mobs, which is pretty cool.

Command your Panda

However, taming a panda isn’t just about having a cute companion to follow you around. Pandas have a unique gameplay mechanic in Minecraft that makes them even more interesting.

Pandas have different personalities, which can affect how they behave. There are currently six different panda personalities in Minecraft:

  • Normal: These pandas have no special behavior.
  • Brown: These pandas are lazy and like to lie down a lot.
  • Weak: These pandas are weak and take more damage from attacks.
  • Aggressive: These pandas are more likely to attack other mobs.
  • Worry: These pandas get worried easily and can be scared by certain sounds.
  • Playful: These pandas like to play with each other and will roll around.

Brown Panda Minecraft

So when you tame a panda, you never know what personality it will have! This adds a whole new level of gameplay to Minecraft and makes taming pandas even more exciting.

In conclusion, yes, you can tame a panda in Minecraft. It’s not as simple as taming other mobs, but it’s definitely worth it for the unique gameplay mechanics that come with taming a panda. So go out there, find yourself a baby panda, and see what kind of personality it has! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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