5 Amazing Minecraft Skyscraper Builds

Minecraft builders are easily some of the most creative people on earth. Why? Because it is not easy to plan, design, and construct creative structures in the Minecraft world.


Also, it takes years of practice, dedication, time, and energy to make these wonderful structures. From Minecraft towers to ships, there is no limit to their imagination.

If you are a budding Minecraft builder looking for inspiration, you have landed on the right page.

Among the Minecraft builds, the Minecraft skyscraper is a pretty interesting build. It might be complicated to construct, but it is a fun build that can truly turn into something amazing.

In this blog, we have prepared a list of some amazing Minecraft Skyscraper Builds of 2024. 


This modernistic Minecraft skyscraper is perfect for any modern city. Standing at 152 mt, the skyscraper has 23 floors and numerous setbacks. An amazing construction, it might take a bit too much of your time, but it is worth it.

This MVDR-inspired Minecraft Skyscraper has been constructed with the simplest of materials. You can even add your designs after building the basic structure. You also have the option to build a closed roof or an open one or perhaps even make a helipad.


An easy to build, this Minecraft skyscraper resembles real-life basic skyscrapers. A twin skyscraper, the entire structure is made of colorful concrete blocks. Just a basic concrete Minecraft skyscraper, the colorful blocks, twin details, and repeated structural design give it a minimalist yet appealing look.

This can be used as a filler, or you can get creative and decorate it with additional glass panes, birch trap doors, or some wooden fences.

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It would be safe to regard it as a creative marvel in the Minecraft world, this Minecraft skyscraper is one of a kind. This skyscraper has two towers, which are placed at a distance from each other, and have horizontal rectangular blocks running between them.

With an aesthetic interior, this skyscraper can be a good addition to any modern space.


Built-in over 70 hours, the Vancouver House Skyscraper is truly one for the books.

Built at a scale of 1:5:1, it has painstaking details and highlights that clearly show the artistic ability of the builder. One of the most complicated Minecraft skyscrapers of all time, it has an impressive modern interior down to the last detail.

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One of the tallest Minecraft skyscrapers, this huge building has over 300 blocks of height. Build using birch planks and andesite, it goes as high as the clouds.

This skyscraper took over 4 days to build. If you are thinking of constructing a similar structure, be prepared to lose your patience as you might have to make a run down to get more materials to the top or also have to destroy some of your structures to deal with material shortages. So if you have over 30,000 blocks lying around, this Minecraft skyscraper might be the one for you.

Modern MVDR inspired Skyscraper Mossy cobblestone, purple stairs, black stained glass panes, birch trap doors, jungle fence gates
Basic Modern Skyscraper Concrete blocks and Glass Panes
Minecraft Skyscraper 2023 Concrete blocks, glass panes, wooden blocks, wooden fences, wooden bars
Vancouver House Skyscraper Concrete Blocks, Glass panes, Stained Glass, CobbleStone, Wooden Panes, Wooden Blocks, Birch Plank
Tallest MineCraft Skyscraper Birch Planks, Wooden Blocks, Polished Andesite, Stone Blocks, Glass Panes


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