How to Build Minecraft Mushroom House

A mushroom house can be a quaint place to live in Minecraft. It adds a layer of fantasy and serenity that you can’t replicate with your average wood and stone. What’s more, mushroom blocks are both fire-resistant and creeper resistant. So there’s a function alongside the form.

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So, whether you want to be a Telvanni Wizard from Morrowind, want to roleplay as a Smurf, or love the Fairycore aesthetic, let’s see how you can build a Minecraft mushroom house.

Finding the Right Biome

Having a mushroom forest biome is a huge plus. That means you can extract the materials directly. Mushrooms in this biome can grow large, meaning you won’t have to spend hours building it alone. You’ll have it ready-made.

In any case, mushrooms are found deep underground. So even if you aren’t in the right place, you can dig deeper and find mushroom blocks below. Unfortunately, most of these would be small, but we’ll tell you how to grow them.

Finding the Right Biome

Choosing A Design

A Minecraft mushroom house can be built in two different types of designs. You can hollow out an existing mushroom and live in it, or you can start from scratch. Hollowing out an existing mushroom is easy and only requires an axe to make room and a ladder to enter/exit. This would be the simplest method of going about it.

However, if you want a Minecraft mushroom house that is more of a cottage, follow the steps below.

Choosing A Design

Mark Out the Dimensions

A cottage house would be a small home that is easy to build and doesn’t require much time or materials. As such, start with a basic 5×5 square.

Be sure to build on flat land away from any potential dangers. Having a mushroom house in a forest glade can be great for the fairytale aesthetic you might be going for. It has a roof made from mushroom blocks, while the rest of it is made of wood. It is small, functional, and practical, making it perfect for beginners.

From the Foundation

Lay down wooden planks along the dimensions you chose. They should line up nicely and give you a good base to move on from. Be sure that you craft a workbench as well. The floors can then let you build the walls of the mushroom house. So far, we’re dealing with common materials and ingredients, but that could soon change. We aren’t building a hut. We’re building a Minecraft mushroom house.

Finding Mushroom Blocks

This is the key ingredient for our Minecraft mushroom house. Mushroom blocks consist of a brown mushroom block and a red mushroom block. You can choose whatever color you want for the roof.

Mushroom blocks are naturally generated as part of huge mushroom structures. These are tree-like structures resembling mushrooms and are found in various biomes. These include swamps, flower forests, dark forests, and mushroom fields. You can add bonemeal to small mushrooms to make them grow into larger variants.

Make the Mushroom Roof

Once you have found the mushrooms you need and taken the blocks, add the roof to your Minecraft mushroom house. Add a large bulbous roof since that will give the best look. Avoid a flat and plain roof.

The roof is the defining part of the house, so take extra time to perfect it. The center should be the tallest, and the edges should be flat.

Make the Mushroom Roof

Add Details and Improve the Aesthetics

You can add other accessories to improve the aesthetics. If you have mushrooms with you, you can plant them around. You can plant flowers to make the place look like a fantasy cottage.

Moreover, don’t forget to furnish your home as well. Add a chimney, some windows, and carpets to decorate the interior. You will spend a lot of time here. Why not make the place more welcoming?


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