Throne in Minecraft

How to Build a Throne in Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft, there is no end to the creative process. One can build numerous structures of numerous kinds. You can even follow an aesthetic of your choice and build up the whole place. You can choose a modern place or a historic ancient one.

Truly, there is no end to your imagination regarding Minecraft.

Throne in Minecraft

If you are running out of things to create something and looking for an idea, we have just the one for you. A favorite of Minecraft builders, the Minecraft throne would be a great addition to any space. The Minecraft throne is a chair that you, the king/queen of the kingdom, would sit upon. It represents your authority and reflects your power.

There are endless amounts of throne inspirations that you can choose from. You can build an Ice Throne inspired by Narnia, or you can build a throne set up in the middle of a pond in the forest inspired by Maleficent. One can even construct a secret throne in a secret lair or build a whole palace and city around it.

If building a Minecraft throne truly appeals to you, here we have a few simple steps as to how you can create the perfect Minecraft throne for yourself. Read on to know more.

Building a Minecraft Throne

The first step to building anything, in real life or the Minecraft world, is to have a basic idea of what your supposed structure would look like. If you wish, you can even draw it out like an engineer and plan things around it.  Never mind if you don’t have any ideas or are clueless because here we have just the right throne in mind for you.

The second step is to find the right materials for your throne. Whatever throne you want, a royal or a simple one, you must gather all the materials first. For the throne we are about to build, you would need some cobblestones, wood and wooden blocks, sandstones, bricks, and blocks.

Building a Minecraft Throne

When constructing something, you must have a proper base for your structure. So to build the Minecraft throne, you need to get the base done. For the base, use the brick stones and blocks and make a slab.

The slab must be large enough to house your throne and maybe leave some space. Here, you can choose to personalize things up a bit by adding some carpet or even grass if it’s a throne in a more natural setting.

After making the base, start on the throne. First, you must add a second and third set of blocks on top of the slab to build your throne. The second set will be the chair, and the third set will be the back of the chair. You can even use the blocks to build stone armrests for your throne or add some wood fences.  Once the basic structure of the throne is complete, you can decorate it further. Maybe add a bit of fence on top of the back of the chair to give your throne a bit more height.  You can use red sandstone to carpet the entire area. When building a Minecraft throne, the structure must represent you, your style, and the world you build around.

Throne in Minecraft

After following all these steps, you have the perfect Minecraft throne for yourself. It might be a simple throne, but with a few pinches of creativity and a dash of imagination here and there, you can make it the most glorious of structures among the Minecraft throne. So, without further ado, get constructing!


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